Hi! I’m Dave.

If you’re here, the chances are you have been looking at my work and are possibly looking for a photographer to work on a project for you soon.

I am a Guild registered photographer, in business since 2014 & I have had my work published in local newspapers. I am also ‘Wedding Photographer of the year for South Lincolnshire 2020’ as awarded by Lux Life Magazine’s Global Wedding Awards.

I absolutely LOVE my job. When I am photographing your wedding, I look to tell the story of your day and the atmosphere and emotion that is present. I try and blend in so I’m not in the way. You want to be dancing, mingling and eating cake. I want to capture you enjoying those things.

When I am not photographing weddings, or other events, I enjoy a bit of landscape photography. I especially enjoy old buildings, and places with an interesting past. You will find me around North Norfolk with my camera on the beach, or in the woods, always looking for my next capture. I have started to develop an addiction to the abandoned tube stations down in London and enjoy a little visit now and again to take some pics 🙂

Why not get in touch soon to discuss your wedding or event.

Dave x