Your Wedding Day. Documented

I am just another guest at your wedding, I just have a camera. I will wander round and aim my camera towards things and… click. Another memory captured.

You may not really be aware of me too much. But I will be there, ready to capture the moment.

Your day is special, and you will of course want some formal images. I promise to make this as quick and painless as possible for you and your guests. 

We will go and do our own thing for a while, some special time for the newly weds, to create your individual moments before you dance the night away to the small hours.

I will be helpful, discreet and friendly. If your guests want a selfie, they can have one. I will fit in with your occasion.

In 30 years time I want you to look back on your day and smile, or cry (good tears), and remember your day how it was through your album.

Your images will reflect your day and your style.

So grab a drink, put your feet up, and take a look through some of my packages here:

If you would like a chat, give me a call or email. I would be happy to meet you face to face, or via Zoom.